Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics at Pound4Pound Products is the set of behavioral rules employees should follow to ensure the company’s values are reflected in all business dealings. Regardless of the size or scope of our clientele, we have clearly defined codes and closely monitored transactions by our Pound4Pound Products Executive Team and Ownership, at all times.

Our company rigidly provides products and services consistent with North American business standards at the highest of levels. Our company Code of Ethics ensures a work environment where people feel comfortable doing the right thing.

The Pound4Pound business values typically are expressed in terms of how the company performs day-to-day. We assess everything from interactions with suppliers, employees, customers and our preferred partners. A primary objective for our Code of Ethics is by a clear sense of honesty and fairness. Another defined value is respect in all interactions, regardless of the circumstances.

Our company, both internally and externally, adheres to a strict core of company principles. Pound4Pound Products prides itself on key factors such as customer satisfaction, business profitability, and continuous improvement. When and where it is possible, our corporate responsibility to the environmentally friendly use of natural resources for our products is another business principle that can be found in our code of ethics.

Pound4Pound Executive Team and Management Support
Our Pound4Pound Executive Team and managerial support of the core company values and principles are documented in our code of ethics. We encourage open door policies for reporting ethics violations which are included in the code, along with a process to anonymously report any code of ethics issues.

To reflect how seriously our Pound4Pound Executive Team and Ownership considers our code, we reflect our principles throughout visible areas of the company as constant reminders with the highest of professional standards.

Personal Responsibility
Another company component is our statement internally regarding the importance of each employee’s, contractor’s and supplier's personal responsibility to uphold the Pound4Pound code of ethics. We consider it imperative that both the legal and moral consequences are adhered to. If an employee, independent contractor or even a supplier is in violation of our code of ethics set forth by the Pound4Pound Executive Team and Ownership, the consequences and ramifications of which will be enforced without exceptions. We require any violators to be reported.

Any laws or regulations within the company or externally, must be upheld at all times. No executive, manager, employee, independent contractor or supplier is above the Pound4Pound code of ethics rules. Compliance to all financial reporting and any licensing requirements are documented, along with the expectation that all of the aforementioned code of ethics will be maintained and legal regulations met, at all times.