Code of Conduct

Does Pound4Pound Have a Code of Conduct?

Yes, when we established Pound4Pound in 2018, one of our focal points was to publish our first Code of Conduct. Our Code of Conduct was approved by the Pound4Pound Owner and Principals and implemented throughout the company both internally and externally. Read more on Ethics. 

Do you have any examples of projects incorporating aspects of Sustainability?

Yes. We are currently working on our case study portfolio and 5-year business plan regarding Sustainability for 2019-2024.

What is our Corporate Community Involvement strategy focusing on?

We encourage and empower our employees and independent contractors as well as suppliers to make a positive contribution to society and the communities where we work and live. Through normal management approval systems, these contributions are determined according to business needs, as follows:

  • Education: focusing on Safety, Value, and Technical.
  • Company Core Values: Internal and External.
  • Efficiency: Adopting Processes.
  • Standards: Possessing the highest product and customer service delivery standards for Our Products.
Why do we have a common diversity & inclusion vision?


Increasing diversity and inclusion is a change journey and for any change journey to be successful a clear goal is needed.

Although many of the challenges we face in different markets are unique, quite a few challenges are similar across countries, regions, locally and in business streams.

We are a people company: our competitive advantage lies in attracting, developing and retaining the best people and client loyalty. A key component of success is our ability to offer an inclusive work culture and even products that allow everyone to contribute to their full potential regardless of the location.

Why do we have such a strong focus on inclusion?

Diversity is who we are in terms of representation; inclusion is how we interact with each other. Research and experience show that it is the combination of diversity and inclusion that brings benefits to an organization such as:

  • Ability to attract, retain and develop the best people from a large pool of talent.
  • Ability to fully understand present clients and future clients.
  • Credibility as a business partner, supplier, and employer.
  • Ability to be innovative and creative.

Diversity without inclusion results in problems such as conflicts, harassment, employee turnover, etc. Inclusion without diversity results in low capacity for change, low creativity and increased risk of making major mistakes because of “group think.” Therefore, we are both diverse and inclusive which continues to assist Pound4Pound with exponential growth.