Company Overview

At Pound4Pound Products, our goal is to produce the best quality sports products in the industry for children, teens and adults. At least, twenty additional products are slated for launch throughout 2019. Everything we produce which will including MMA training gear, boxing equipment, rash guard shirts, baseball hats, fight gloves and more are all made with your lifestyle in mind. Our first product, rash guard shirts, is an incredible success for athletes in training.

Wearing a Pound4Pound Product means, you are proud to of our sports apparel and you have great fashion sense. Or, you may love the values found by participating in sports invoking a sense of community. Either way, our products are meant to be purchased by everyone nationally and internationally. We do not discriminate. However, we do promote the highest of standards when it comes to producing quality products and certified in the USA.

Down to the finest of details, we have gone the extra mile to ensure that we hold true to our core company values. We also fully support the manufacturing industry and the jobs market. This is our corporate mission. Every product, element, and label offers supportive documentation that it truly is top-of-the-line. As part of our company mission, a portion of our sales is donated in support of our U.S. Military Veterans.