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Kansas City, Missouri, USA (December 20th, 2018) – Pound4Pound Products has recently launched its anticipated online Grand Opening in August, 2018.  The launch was a public affair including the executive team from the St. Louis-based corporate headquarters including C.E.O. Joseph Haynes, and principal sponsors. The thirty highlighted products launched online at www.pound4poundproducts.com range from women’s sports gear in addition to both teen and adults’ sports, fitness, MMA and boxing apparel and accessories.

Pound4Pound quality products are heralded as some of the top in the sports industry. In fact, within the United States there are plans to produce thousands of MMA fight apparel and accessories. In 2018, an impressive 30 new products have been launched. A bit over one year ago, Mr. Haynes said his initial discussions with the MMA sports teams, coaches, gyms, U.S. veterans, and athletes was mostly about the vision he had for the company and the needs that the Pound4Pound could produce in addition to brand growth being exponential.

"We knew Pound4Pound was the right company, at the right time and of course, in the right country. What we did not anticipate was the product demand such as our MMA fight gloves for fighters or exclusively designed athletic apparel," Haynes said. "We simply didn't know that the market’s demand was in place to support a massive production, at first. Fast forward one year, and we now have thousands of individual sports products and accessories currently in production, all of which are of the utmost quality, value and test-certified. Most companies are not able to boast such a claim. Most consumers are not aware that products or parts of products go under such rigorous testing such as ours. We are confident that all consumers will notice the difference in our products and recognize the value of products being made in the USA."

Pound4Pound produces premium quality products and very reasonable prices for athletes. The mission of the company is to be one of the world’s leading producers and providers of sports products and apparel both in the USA and internationally. Originally, Pound4Pound was created with a combined focus on helping both athletes as well as U.S. veterans by giving them the support they need to do well in sports. Currently, everything being sold by Pound4Pound produces a percentage of revenue that goes directly to younger U.S. troops who are battling unique challenges of their own after returning home from being overseas. In addition, the Pound4Pound brand is also launching products to sell and market through certified vendors, retailers, and begin to sponsor professional MMA fighters in the USA and abroad as the product brand recognition is growing quickly.

Joseph Haynes (C.E.O., Pound4Pound Products) is quoted as saying, “As our younger people and U.S. military veterans began to fall in love with the MMA and boxing specifically, we realized that there was an opportunity to develop new products that offered a colorful international appeal for them. At the same time, quality, safety and value was of paramount importance. In this global market, sometimes it is hard to pin down where some things come from. Some products are assembled in the United States with parts made elsewhere. Consumers often are not aware of this. The label does not tell the whole story, not by a long shot. There are very few consumer items purchased today in the sports industry that a brand will stand firmly behind. Pound4Pound Products is one of those companies and our accessories, apparel, and gear is approximately 95% Made in the USA. We want the best consumer experience possible and we guarantee customer satisfaction.”

The launch of the new website, months in the making along with the production of the next new product launches in 2019, is already being noticed. A full campaign begins the first week of January 2019 just in time to roll out the next dozen or so products in Q2 and Q3. Clearly, the expectations are growing for Pound4Pound Products as it continues to reach new markets and new countries. Due to high demand, online orders are being recommended for a variety different product and the company ships internationally unlike most MMA and boxing sports brands.

Plans include an expansion of the Pound4Pound Products name around the world.  The principal partner of the company is continuing discussions to extend the product line internationally and sponsoring athletes around the world. The first sponsorship recently concluded with a professional fighter from South Africa in December 2018.

Joseph Haynes concludes, “This is the very first time a fairly new brand in the U.S.A. has made a commitment to its’ home market in the MMA and boxing which is only the beginning. The biggest growing sport in the world is MMA yet, our passion for Mixed Martial Arts has allowed us to offer products that were hard to find in the United States or very expensive. We are excited to be part of the international community. We know that Pound4Pound clients are currently in search of something more for as many are amateur fighters and simply enjoy the physical and spiritual training. Many of the clients began pre-ordering accessories over the past year prior to launching our current product portfolio. They had purchased another Pound4Pound item and came back for more. In fact, wholesalers, retailers, gyms and coaches are even inquiring about the products before products can hit the market due to word-of-mouth alone.”

Located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, the Pound4Pound Products online store is now officially open as of August 2018. For more information, please visit www.pound4poundproducts.com today.


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